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Happy Older CoupleLong Term Care (LTC) services may be necessary at any age. Someone younger may have a heart attack, stroke, or a serious chronic illness such as Parkinson’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis and an older adult may gradually begin to need assistance with day-to-day living. Because neither medical insurance nor Medicare is designed to pay for the long term care services, LTC Insurance will help provide a way to pay for this care and protect your family’s assets while you remain in control of where and how your care will be provided.

The Quantum Group offers solutions for you, your spouse, and your family in the event there is a need for extended care in a licensed facility or at home due to illness or injury. LTC Insurance can help protect assets, protect your estate, and help preserve an individual’s freedom of choice and dignity. LTC insurance policies can be custom built to your specific needs and, in many circumstances, a policy can be bought and paid for at an early age while one is still in their prime income earning years. It is during this time that policy cost may be paid for in a very tax effective manner. The Quantum Group will help you identify the appropriately designed protection and the most effective way to pay the premiums.


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