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#“We planned for our retirement years, but we just weren’t prepared for the high cost of medicine and long-term care. The cash from our Life Settlement makes it possible for us to live the quality of life we deserve”

# “Our kids are all financially stable and they don’t need the insurance proceeds from when we’re gone. We decided to use the cash from our Life Settlement to travel and enjoy our retirement years without eating into the funds we saved for living expenses. We feel like we won the lottery!”

# “I just couldn’t afford my premiums any longer. The only other choices were to lose everything by allowing the policy to lapse or get just a few dollars by surrendering the policy to the carrier. I almost didn’t find out about Life Settlements, but I’m glad I did.”

# “We own a small business that has been in our family for three generations. The economy caused our sales to drop and expenses to increase. The cash from my Life Settlement helped us to keep the business in our family for the next generation. I made a good decision and I think my grandfather and dad would be proud.”

# “The company I ran was purchased by a large conglomerate and I was laid off. As part of my severance, they gave me the key man life insurance policy that the company had initiated on me years ago. I couldn’t afford the high premiums but when I heard about a Life Settlement, I sold it. The cash we received was enough for my wife and me to reach our financial retirement goals.”

# “My husband passed away in 2003 and I was burdened with quite a bit of insurance premiums. My accountant suggested that I consider a Life Settlement, which allowed me to sell the existing policies and use the money to buy a new, more affordable policy with much smaller premiums and a larger death benefit.”

# "I’m a 74-year-old widow without any living children. I no longer had a need for my policy and I wanted to take a trip to Alaska. My Life Settlement broker was able to sell my $1 million insurance policy for $204,000! My alternative was to surrender the policy for its cash surrender value of $67,000. I'm now covered with LT care and leaving on my trip next week.”

#"As parents, we have always been there for our children. Our son lost his job last year. With the cash from our Life Settlement, we can help him and his family to keep their home by giving them the money to make their mortgage payments while he’s unemployed."